The “ATM Machine of Bottled Water” – Without the Bottle

Pura Vida H2O logoPura Vida H2O has come out with what it hopes will become the “ATM Machine of Bottled Water”, but without the bottle. The concept is similar to that of EcoWell, a filtered water “vending machine” which we wrote about last year. Basically, anyone wanting water on the go can bring their own reusable bottle and refill it with purified tap water from one of Pura Vida’s filtered water dispensers, for 50 cents – a fraction of what it costs to buy plastic bottled water, and 5 cents less than what EcoWell charges. 450 machines are expected to be up-and-running around the country by mid-summer, and some of them will sell reusable water bottles for $10 to accommodate empty-handed, thirsty patrons.


At first glance this sounds like the perfect innovative solution to the problem of plastic bottle waste. The average person saves about $2,100, along with over 1,400 plastic bottles a year by taking advantage of these filtered water dispensers. Simply bring your own reusable water bottle from home, and you’ve got the convenience of bottled water, without the environmental waste.


50 cents is a fraction of the cost of your average bottle of water, but it is a LARGE fraction, considering that tap water is regularly tested and costs only half a cent per glass. And if you upgrade from the 16-oz size to the 24-oz size, you’re paying 75 cents instead of 50. While that is about half the cost of a bottle of water, with the added benefit of saving the environment, many people might question the idea of paying that much for water, period, filtered or not. Especially when you can buy a Filtrete Water Station, (a.k.a 4 bottle water filter) which will refill 4 reusable bottles at once, with filtered tap water right from your kitchen sink. These bottles can be stored in your refrigerator, and taken on-the-go, just as easily as a Klean Kanteen, and the cost for water is not nearly as much. The “ATM Machine” concept is also a little unsettling, since ATM’s are typically associated with unreasonable, annoying charges and usage fees.

What do you guys think? Is the Pura Vida concept a good idea? Is 50 cents worth the convenience of filtered water on-the-go? Or would you rather use a Filtrete Water Station and do it yourself for much less?

The 3M Filtrete Water Station (aka the 4 Bottle Water Filter)


4 Water Bottle Filter

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Google Analytics is a funny thing sometimes. If you’re unfamiliar, Google Analytics allows blog owners to see the search terms that bring surfers to their blog. Upon searching through some of these keywords this morning, I noticed that many of you are looking for a “4 Bottle Water Filter.” Others were looking for the four bottle water filter, four bottle water purifier, Filtrete water bottle system, 4 bottle water filter system, 4 bottle water purifier, filter water four bottle, filter with four water bottles, filtered water bottle filler, four water bottle filler — I could go on and on.

Whatever you call it, you guys are all searching for the new 3M Filtrete Water Station, which allows you to filter and fill four water bottles in just seconds. Just fill the Filtrete Water Station with water from your sink, and the Fast Flow Filter reduces sediment and the taste and odor of chlorine from your water.

We just added the 3M Filtrete Water Station to the site, and we’re really excited about it. Up to 40 percent of bottled water is nothing more than filtered tap water, so why pay an arm and a leg for it? With the Filtrete Water Station, you can bottle your own water at home and take it with you wherever you go. Save yourself cash and save the environment from the many water bottles that go unrecycled every year.

If you’ve got a family that loves drinking water and would like a few extra bottles to have on standby, you can purchase replacement water bottles for the Filtrete Water Station. These reusable water bottles hold 16.9 ounces of water and are BPA free water bottles. They are also dishwasher safe.

Unlike many water filters, the Filtrete Water Station filter is recyclable.

So whatever you call it, the 4 bottle water filter — I mean the 3M Filtrete Water Station — is a great choice for anyone who wants to filter and bottle their own water at home. Here’s a quick video explaining how the 3M Filtrete Water Station works: