Iceberg to Save Water Starved Areas?

When most people think about icebergs, visions of the Titanic teetering precariously in the Atlantic Ocean often pop into their heads.  These gigantic sources of frozen, fresh water dot the oceans around the world. More than just a site to see from the bow of a cruise ship, French eco-entrepreneur Georges Mougin, sees icebergs as a solution to the world’s water crisis.

Over 40 years ago, Mougin first began exploring the possibility that the world’s icebergs could be used as source of fresh water for those in need. Today, it may become a reality.  Mougin has invented a way to transport these gigantic icebergs with an insulated harness that will reduce melting.  With the assistance of a tow, the iceberg will ride on ocean currents to those countries that need it most. To assist with this invention, 3D computer simulations have been created to demonstrate that one tugboat from Newfoundland can transport as much as 7 million tons of iceberg to the Canary Islands in as little as five months.

Watch a simulation of towing the iceberg here:

The drawbacks of this amazing technology are as you might have guessed, cost. To tow the iceberg from Newfoundland to the Canary Islands would cost approximately $9.8 million dollars. However, Mougin is hoping to raise enough funds to sponsor a smaller trip from the Antarctic to Australia. If successful, the iceberg, weighing in at 30-million tons will provide enough water for 500,000 people for an entire year.