Ecowell: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Vending Machines

Thanks to students, Brian Boler, Andy Whitaker and Reid Schilperoort, we can now officially say goodbye to vending machines full of plastic bottles. This team of entrepreneurs has managed to make reusable water bottles even more convenient with their recent class-project-turned-business-venture:

Ecowell. A vending kiosk that dispenses hot, cold or carbonated water with a choice of over 20 fruit juice flavors, two sweeteners and five vitamin supplements. This eco-friendly alternative to vending machines allows you to create your own beverage, dispensing it straight into your own reusable Klean Kanteen. None of the fruit juice flavors contain high fructose corn syrup, and the kiosk can dispense any combination of flavors, light or full, depending on your preference. Both of these features allow you to create a healthier beverage than those which are normally available in standard vending machines. Moreover, with Ecowell’s convenient Tap-Tag system, patrons can create an account right at the kiosk and use their Tap-Tag to select and pay for their drinks at each visit. Ecowell is a great invention for office buildings and schools where bottled water and soda are consumed on a regular basis.

Beverages ordered and filled at the Ecowell kiosk are less expensive than the average bottle of water, juice or soda purchased from a conventional vending machine. A 16-oz. cold glass of purified water is $0.55. Add three fruit flavors and pay only $1.50. Considering that a Vitamin Water is usually at least $1.75, and a Snapple beverage can cost around $2.50, students and workers are getting a great deal for a customized, healthy, eco-friendly beverage. For example, instead of buying a Focus Kiwi-Strawberry Vitamin Water, you can simply create your own mix of fruit-flavored water and add the “StudyBoost” vitamin supplement for added focus and retention.

Ecowell truly leaves the consumer with no excuses to drink bottled water. At home, you can make your own flavored water with the PUR flavor options pitcher or PUR faucet mount with flavor options. With the Ecowell kiosk, now you can make your own flavored water and even soda. This new invention might just make more schools consider banning bottled water.

Klean Kanteen Special Edition Bottles

Klean Kanteen is part of a growing marketing trend that supports earth-friendly causes with a percentage of the profits from their product sales. (Think TOMS shoes – for each pair purchased, they send one to a child in need; or Boxed Water, which sends ten percent of its profits to world water relief foundations and another ten percent to reforestation efforts.) Klean Kanteen currently has two Special Edition bottles. A small percent of the profits from the sale of each goes toward the support of the causes these bottles represent.

Klean Kanteen: The Plastiki Expedition

You may remember The Plastiki from a previous blog post. This boat is made from plastic bottles and is now in the final week of its epic ocean voyage from the San Francisco Bay to Sidney, Australia. The purpose of this three-month expedition is to raise environmental awareness – to alert people about the dangers of environmental waste and global warming. Klean Kanteen’s place in this equation is quite appropriate, as this vessel, like the Plastiki, is a reminder of the dangers of plastic waste – much of which is attributed to bottled water. By purchasing a Klean Kanteen, you can cut down on bottled water and the waste it creates. Even better – by purchasing a Klean Kanteen Plastiki Special Edition bottle, you can simultaneously support the Plastiki’s voyage and mission, since $8 from the sale of each bottle goes toward her cause.

Klean Kanteen: Fill. Drink. Repeat

Fill. Drink. Repeat. This is the basic process whereby owners of the Klean Kanteen (or any other reusable stainless steel water bottle) stay hydrated. These bottles were designed by Shepard Fairey’s Studio No. 1 for the launch of SHFT and feature the original “Fill. Drink. Repeat.” artwork. Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of these bottles goes to (a well-known water charity co-founded by Matt Damon.)  Not only do you get a cool product that helps you cut down on plastic waste. You also get the satisfaction of providing safe, clean drinking water to those who don’t have access to it. So take a sip of the filtered tap water in your Klean Kanteen “Fill. Drink. Repeat.” Special Edition bottle, sit back, relax, and watch the world change.

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