A Better Solution to the Lead in NYC Tap Water

Okay, so remember how we said that NYC tap water was some of the best around? Well, that was before they discovered one tiny little detail: LEAD. New York City has recently found high levels of lead in city tap water. Lead exposure is especially dangerous to pregnant women, babies and young children. The levels are still low enough to be “not so dangerous” right now, but, of course, it’s better not to have any lead exposure at all.

NYC’s solution to their recent lead problem? Food preservatives. Yep. Food preservatives create a protective coating on the pipes so that lead doesn’t seep into the water. This may sound like no big deal, but artificial preservatives are also toxic and have been linked to cancer and other diseases. For example, nitrates which are often used to add flavor to foods, are fatal in large doses. It is recommended that infants and children stay away from food with nitrates altogether. The presence of nitrates in water are also one reason why many people choose to buy a water filter. This is just one of many types of artificial preservatives put in foods. In my opinion, adding them to the water supply only increases the risk of developing cancer or some other type of illness caused by exposure to toxins.

The bottom line: you don’t want your children consuming toxins. So I’m here to propose a better solution to the lead in NYC tap water: water filters. It’s that simple. Many whole-house and under sink water filters reduce lead, along with nitrates, and many other water contaminants, without adding artificial, cancer-causing preservatives to your water supply. Check out our water filter buyers guides at the the bottom of our articles page to learn more about the different filtration options you have.