The IQAir HealthPro Plus Sweepstakes

May is asthma and allergy awareness month. Did you know that asthma and allergy rates are higher than ever? This is the time of year where many allergy and asthma problems begin to flare up for many people. Did you also know that the IQAir HealthPro Plus is the number one air purifier for asthma and allergies?

The IQ Air Plus will filter about 100X more than your ordinary HEPA filter with its HyperHEPA filtration.  This will remove and reduce dust, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, smoke, dust mites, fabric fibers, gases, odors, indoor air pollution and other common allergens. The IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier comes equipped with three high quality HEPA filters – the IQAir HealthPro HEPA Pre-Filter, the IQAir HealthPro HyperHEPA Air Filter, and the IQAir HealthPro V5-Cell Air Filter. All three filters provide maximum filtration of the air in your home and are ideal for indoor allergy sufferers. The IQAir HealthPro Plus has received more official number one reviews than any other home air purifier and is IQAir’s best selling air purifier unit.

Now, you can get an even better deal with the purchase of this unique system. From May 24, 2012 to June 30, 2012, any customer that purchases a HealthPro Plus from an authorized IQAir dealer will be eligible to win a 5 year supply of HealthPro Plus replacement filters. The prize will include 2 HyperHEPA Filters, 3 V5-Cell Filters and 5 PreMax Pre-Filters. That is an estimated value of $750!  The winner will be randomly selected in a drawing that will be conducted after the sweepstakes concludes. Find out more details about this exciting event, click the link below to take advantage of this opportunity! Beat your asthma and allergies once and for all!

IQAir Filter Giveaway Sweepstakes

American Lung Association State of the Air 2010

May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.  For some of you this is an understatement.  You may be thinking, “Well, of course it is.  I was well aware of asthma and allergies when I walked outside this morning, saw what I thought was my car covered in a thick yellow mist, and began sneezing fifteen times in a row.”

It’s easy to be aware of something when the majority of the United States population is suffering because of it.  Many people attribute this suffering to pollen, but pollen doesn’t deserve all of the credit.  Automobile emissions and coal-fired power plants are among some of the largest contributors to particle and ozone pollution.  The State of the Air 2010, recently published by the American Lung Association, found that despite great progress, over half of U.S. residents live in cities where the air is unsafe to breathe.

The ALA’s State of the Air 2010 ranks cities in three categories for 2006, 2007 and 2008: ozone air pollution, year-round particle pollution and short-term particle pollution.  Among the most polluted cities in all three categories are Bakersfield and Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside, Calif.  Fargo, N.D. and Lincoln, Neb. ranked among the cleanest cities in all three categories.  Use the “Report Card” on the left hand side of the State of the Air website to determine your area’s ranking.

Environmental air pollution causes many health problems, and long term exposure can significantly decrease life expectancy, not to mention, quality of life, as many of us have witnessed in the midst of countless sneezing fits.  According to the ALA, people who work or exercise outside are at a greater risk.  However, indoor air pollution is also a threat to your health, as you may recall from one of our older posts.  The ALA lists several things you can do to reduce air pollution outdoors, but don’t forget to take steps to improve the indoor air quality of your home and office buildings, as well, with a high quality air filter.