Five Ways to Proactively Manage Asthma

asthma-inhaler-treatmentIf you don’t properly manage something, you could lose control of it. The same could be said for asthma. Failure to manage this obstructive lung disease can lead to the feeling that asthma is controlling you, dictating the way you live your life. It doesn’t have to be that way. The management of asthma triggers is a daily part of life for the millions of Americans who suffer from it. There are a few ways you can proactively and successfully manage asthma.

Consult your doctor: This is perhaps the most important when it comes to successfully managing asthma. Your doctor can offer keen insight into the severity of your asthma (whether it’s mild or severe) and will be able to offer tips to control it. Your doctor will also commonly prescribe medicine (such as an asthma inhaler) to help manage common asthma triggers.

Identify Your Common Triggers: Think back for a minute. Any time you have had an asthma episode, where were you and what were you doing? Were you running or exercising? Vacuuming your carpet? Were you near cigarette smoke? Identifying the triggers that set off an asthma attack is crucial in avoiding asthma triggers. After you identify these triggers, think about which ones can be avoided and how best to avoid them. As an example, dust mites and other airborne allergens (such as pollen) are common asthma triggers. One of the best ways to avoid them is with an effective air cleaning system.

Guardian-Air-Cleaning-SystemPerfect for allergy sufferers, the Germ Guardian Air Cleaning System helps to improve the indoor air quality in your home. By utilizing multiple levels of cleaning to capture airborne allergens, this air cleaning system succeeds in capturing 99.9% of dust and allergens. But that isn’t the only reason you should consider this unit for your home. It’s effectiveness in killing germs is enhanced by UV-C light technology which helps in fighting off molds, bacteria, and odors. You cannot properly avoid the asthma triggers in your house without removing them from the environment. This air cleaning system succeeds in removing common asthma triggers and includes a three year limited warranty for added protection.

Reduce Stress: Did you know that there is a link between stress and asthma? Stress can sometimes cause you to feel short of breath and may cause your asthma symptoms to become worse. Studies have also shown that stress causes physiological changes, by triggering the release of chemicals (such as leukotrienes and histamine) which can cause the narrowing of your airway. Just like identifying common asthma triggers, identify your most common stressors and try to avoid them.

Take the prescribed medications: The most commonly prescribed asthma medication is an inhaler. It is important to discuss the prescribed medication(s) with your doctor to learn more about their possible effects. Also, ensure that you are taking your prescribed medications correctly and in the right dosage. If you have any concerns, contact your doctor for verification. These medications were prescribed for a reason, so do not neglect using them.

Closely Monitor: Asthma episodes rarely arise without warning. Some feel early symptoms such as coughing, tightness in the chest, and tiredness. It is important to take your prescribed asthma medication at the earliest sign of worsening symptoms. By closely monitoring changes in breathing, you will stand a better chance at stopping the risk of an asthma attack before it starts.

Even if you don’t suffer from asthma these same steps can be applied to allergy sufferers. If you or someone you know suffers from asthma or allergies be sure to inform them of the steps they can take to manage their symptoms. View here for a list of air purifiers that we sell. Along with the proper furnace filter, air purifiers are a big step toward removing asthma (and allergy) triggers from the air inside of your home.