Premium Bottled Water Can Enhance a Fine Dining Experience

A bottled water tasting and food pairing event was recently sponsored by Sweetwater LLC at Joe’s Restaurant in Venice, CA on Aug. 12. The event featured a three-course dinner menu paired with six different bottles of water.

According to an article in The Earth Times, “Water is not just water.”  Like wine, water has different characteristics that it picks up from the land it travels through. Premium bottled water is not the same as purified water. Purified water is nothing more than municipal tap water processed through reverse osmosis, while premium bottled waters are meant to “enhance a fine dining experience,” an experience labeled by Sweetwater’s Jim McMahon  as “epicurean.”

McMahon also claims that they are not promoting the daily consumption of bottled water. Filtered tap water is for hydration and daily consumption.  This type of event, however, teaches patrons to pair premium fine botttled waters with various foods on rarer occasions.

This practice of enjoying bottled water is nothing new, but dates all the way back to the Roman Empire. But do you buy the claim that premium bottled water pairs with food in a manner similar to wine?

“Eco-Friendly” Bottled Water? Part Three: Eco-Shape and Biodegradable PET Plastic

In case you haven’t been keeping up, here’s a quick recap.  In part one of this series on eco-friendly bottled water, we introduced several bottles made with bioplastic.  In part two, the paper bottle was born.  Here, we discuss the environmentally friendly-er PET plastic bottle. Yes, it does exist, though these last three may be a bit harder to swallow.


PureLife Brand Purified Water, Arrowhead Brand Mountain Spring Water and Poland Spring Brand Natural Spring Water are made with 30 percent less plastic than other comparably-sized plastic beverage bottles.  The label is one third-smaller and its eco-shape design makes it flexible, lighter and easier to crush for recycling.  Clearly, Nestle is embracing the concept “less is more,” but I’m not sure it’s really working.  They might need to eliminate plastic altogether if they want to catch up with their competitors.


Nestle isn’t the only company desperate to save its brand from environmental fury.  Coca-Cola followed suit with its Dasani PlantBottle – made with up to 30 percent plant materials, it is 100 percent recyclable and renewable.  Nice job, Coke.  Perhaps your efforts to go green will take some of the attention off of the fact that your water is municipally-sourced and a waste of most peoples’ hard-earned cash.


Aquamantra’s ENSO bottle is the first biodegradable PET plastic bottle on the market. Both landfill and compost biodegradation completes in one to five years, depending on the environment’s microbial levels. Better than traditional plastic, but still – up to five years? Why not just eliminate waste altogether?

Celebrities For Bottled Water

“Bottled Water is bad.”  That’s the message most environmentalists have been trying to spread for many years. The plastic packaging hurts the environment as well as the beverage itself.  Most bottled waters are no better for you than filtered tap – in fact, some bottled water is nothing but purified tap water.  But you’ve heard all this before.

It seems that in the wake of environmentalist efforts, bottled water companies are desperate to save their brands, and out of that desperation comes advertisements that make this everyday commodity – you guessed it – sexy.  Sexy celebrities could probably sell snow to an Eskimo.  (If you’re lost, please, read on…)

Jennifer Aniston and Tom Brady – Smart Water

Actress, Jennifer Aniston has been a spokesperson for Glaceau’s Smart Water since 2007.  In her most recent ad, she bares her tight stomach, (apparently a result of yoga) but denies to the press the rumors that she has been on a baby food diet.  Smart Water, then, is the assumed culprit – giving the brand a sexy, healthy lifestyle image.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joined Aniston in the Smart Water campaign in the same year, adding his muscular build to the brand’s image.  This was a Smart move (pun intended) on the part of Glaceau, as the electrolyte-enhanced water presumably eases muscle fatigue in athletes.

50 Cent , American Idol and Justin Bieber – Vitamin Water

In 2004, Glaceau named a Vitamin Water Flavor – “Formula 50” – after rapper, 50 Cent, who, in addition to being a shareholder, personally endorsed the brand.  Later, when Coca-Cola bought the drink in 2007, 50 made over a million on the deal.

With Vitamin Water Focus, Kelly Clarkson soon joined 50 Cent as another artist to have a flavor created with her name on it, followed by Carrie Underwood with Vitamin Water Energy.  But it wasn’t enough to stop at these two American Idols.  Ellen DeGeneres’ endorsement of Vitamin Water Zero became apparent when she joined the judge panel this past season, as the Glaceau brand replaced the judges’ famous, red, Coca-Cola cups during Hollywood week.

Rumor has it Justin Bieber’s favorite bottled drink is Vitamin Water. There is even a Facebook page titled, “I Now Like Vitamin Water Because of Justin Bieber.”  (Never mind that it only has twelve “Likes”…)

Mark Wahlberg – AquaHydrate

Mark Wahlberg endorses this high performance sports water in a commercial that features him in the middle of an intense workout.  Recently, Wahlberg teamed up with IZOD and AquaHydrate in a strategic marketing partnership to promote the brands through the IZOD IndyCar Series.

Ashley Greene – SoBe Lifewater

Twilight Actress, Ashley Greene, endorses SoBe Lifewater in an ad that features her wearing nothing but body paint.  The photo shoot was featured in a February edition of Sports Illustrated earlier this year.

Sylvester Stallone and Donald Trump – Sly Water and Trump Ice

Both Sylvester Stallone and Donald Trump were among the first to launch their very own brands of bottled water – Sly Water and Trump Ice – back in 2006. Today, however, Sly Water is no longer listed as part of the Glacia Nova product line, and the website for Trump Ice water is no longer active.  Sorry guys – I guess you’re just not what the media considers “sexy” anymore.