Spazazz Spa & Hot Tub Crystals: Spa Aromatherapy


Ever feel like you need to take a mental and physical escape? With the day-to-day obstacles we face, it’s little wonder why many of us feel the need to just get away. One way we try to escape is by visiting a day spa. Millions flock to day spas every year for the relaxation that too often eludes us, with a soothing and calming atmosphere as a luxurious backdrop as we drift away to that space we too rarely visit—a space called peace of mind. Wouldn’t you love to bring the experience of the day spa home? Now you can. Spazazz are the providers of spa fragrance and spa therapy for the home. Their vision? To give everyone their own unique spa experience.

 “Spazazz, the Original Aromatherapy Spa Experience, has over 20 years of success. Our highly concentrated, all Natural Sensual blends, with their Therapeutic benefits have become a great success globally…whether it’s romance, peace of mind or well-being, Spazazz will enhance your spa or bath experience.” – Angie Pettro, Spazazz

By taking the therapeutic and emotional approach to well-being and relaxation, Spazazz is able to provide many healthy therapeutic benefits such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory, increase circulation
  • Muscle relaxations for tension and stress
  • Natural remedy for aches & pains
  • Helps eliminate toxins
  • Enhancements of innate self-healing capabilities
  • Skin pampering moisturizers
  • Water softening


Scented hot tub spa fragrance

Using the spa and bath fragrances is easy. Just add the scented spa beads directly to the water and Spazazz will revitalize your spirit and body through the use of an all-natural and anti-inflammatory remedy. The Spazazz crystals relieve bodily pains and aches, as well as tension and stress. They are available in a variety of bath and spa fragrances such as Grapefruit Orange (pictured above), Lavender, Honey Mango, Tropical Rain and so much more.

To celebrate the newest addition to the family, we are making Spazazz even more irresistible with a special offer. For a limited time only, you will receive a free 4 oz. bottle of Spazazz crystals (available in a variety of scents) with any purchase of a 17 oz. or larger Spazazz product. This 4 oz. bottle will add to your spa or bath experience by aiding in providing many of the therapeutic benefits provided by Spazazz crystals.

Spazazz will not clog filters, jets, motors and will not affect water chemistry or PH level. It is specifically formulated to be safe for baths, spas, jacuzzis and hot tubs. Place your order today and receive a free 4 oz. bottle of Spazazz with the purchase of a 17 oz. or larger Spazazz product.

Smell good and feel better. Allow yourself to drift away, if only for a moment, to experience the relaxation and peace that you deserve.