Bottled Water, a Snail’s Aphrodisiac?

There are many reasons not to drink bottled water. But I can think of none so disturbing as the possibility you might be drinking a snail’s aphrodisiac. This according to a Wired Science article citing a German study that discovered snails bred at a much faster pace in water from plastic bottles than they did in water from glass bottles.
The study attributes this to the plastic bottles leaching active chemicals into the water – chemicals that mimic natural sex hormones. These hormones, however, apply to humans as well.
Now before you go touting the benefits of an aphrodisiac as inexpensive and readily-available as bottled water, think of the consequences. The xenohormone residue found in the study’s water can lessen virility in boys and cause the early onset of puberty in girls.
So until I find snails reproducing in my kitchen sink, I’m going to continue filtering and drinking my home’s tap water. It’s much cheaper, ecologically responsible and, most importantly, I can rest easy knowing I’m not overpopulating the world with gastropods.