Experience Gourmet Water at a Fraction of the Price!

water sommelier, gourmet water, boutique waterIn order to enjoy a great tasting glass of water, you do not need to be a Water Sommelier to indulge. Treat yourself and your guests to clean filtered drinking water at a fraction of what it would cost for boutique or gourmet water. A water sommelier, akin to a wine sommelier, becomes skilled at the technique of pairing different compositions of water from around the world with food. The fine dining experience of drinking sommelier crafted water focuses on the impact of the taste and flavor of food combined with the complexity in the taste of water.

Typically, the average consumer does not have the luxury to frequently dine out and purchase a $20.00 bottle of gourmet water, or pay around $2.50 to $5.00 per glass. With that said, we have some suggestions to help create that fine dining atmosphere at home for pennies on the dollar, while enjoying great tasting filtered water with your food.

Here are a few basic and inexpensive items you will need:

  • 1 Filtered Water Pitcher like the ZeroWater Water Filter Pitcher
  • A wine glass (2 if someone is joining you)
  • 1 tablecloth
  • Cloth napkins
  • Candles in a glass votive or on candlesticks
  • Light finger sandwiches/pastries
  • Plates or Saucers
  • Soft music

Now on to that fine dining experience!

  1. Pour tap water into filtered water pitcher.
  2. Spread a tablecloth over your dinette table or if you prefer al fresco, drape the cloth over your patio table.
  3. Place candles in the middle of the table and light
  4. Set your table with your wine glass, folded cloth napkins, plates/saucers and flatware if needed
  5. Place light appetizers/pastries on table
  6. Pour water from filtered water pitcher in wine glasses
  7. Bon Appétit!


You don’t have to travel to faraway lands or become a water sommelier in order to have clean, delicious filtered drinking water. Water from different regions of the country vary in mineral content, hardness and contain other waterborne particles that could impact taste. While no one knows how long the trend of fine dining gourmet or boutique water will last, access to clean filtered drinking water is within your reach, without the large price tag. If you choose to add some pizzazz to your drinking water, you could add fruit or other flavors on the market.

Imagine Turning Humidity Into Sparkling Water

Atmospheric Water Generator

EcoloBlue 30s Atmospheric Water Generator

As farfetched as it may sound, the possibility of turning humidity from the air into sparkling water is a reality. EcoloBlue Life & Energy, the global leader in home and office Atmospheric Water Generators, was recently awarded a United States patent for their invention of The EcoloBlue 30s. The EcoloBlue 30s is a sleek, state-of-the-art atmospheric water generator that allows sparkling water to be generated from humidity in the air and customized to consumers’ tastes.

Air is the only water source required for the EcoloBlue 30s. It eliminates reliance on municipal water systems, well water or any other standard water source. Once it pulls humidity out of the air, it filters and purifies the water. The EcoloBlue 30s delivers a continuous supply of delicious, 99.9% pure water quietly, energy efficiently and without plastic bottles. Now how cool is that? Talk about eco-friendly.

The EcoloBlue 30s appeals to a wide range of demographics due to its simplicity of design, easy installation and operation. This appliance can connect directly to any water source to provide an endless supply of water. Some of the benefits of the EcoloBlue 30s include:

  • Hot, cold and sparkling water creation
  • 12 Stage air filtration process
  • Off-the-grid sustainability
  • Solar and biodegradable plastics
  • Energy efficient and economical
  • Eliminate bottled water purchasing
  • Offers 99.9% peace of mind regarding water safety and sustainability


Design features of the EcoloBlue 30s water generator offers wood, stone and marble styles to match your décor. This system comes complete with one CO2 Canister. Additional canisters are available. One canister will provide up to 60L/16gallons of pure sparkling water. To make your own mineralized sparkling water, simply add a mineral filter to this atmospheric water generator. This system is easy to set up and maintain.

To learn more about the EcoloBlue 30s water generator by EcoloBlue Life & Energy, visit their website EcoloBlue.com.