Tell Daniel Tosh to Drop Bottled Water from the Toshtini!

Daniel Tosh, the edgy comedian and host of Comedy Central’s video clip show Tosh.0, has become such a celebrity that he now has his own signature drink, the Toshtini. Here is how you make Daniel Tosh’s Toshtini:

1. Pour half a bottle of expensive bottled water down the drain.

2. Fill the half-empty bottle up with tap water and shake it up.

3. Pour the water into a martini glass and serve at room temperature with a garnish of limon, “the active ingredient in Sprite.”

I didn’t think it was possible for bottled water to be even more wasteful, but I think Daniel Tosh has come up with a way. While we appreciate that tap water makes up half of the Toshtini, we want Daniel Tosh to revise the Toshtini recipe. That’s right, we’re calling for an all-tap Toshtini!

If you want Daniel Tosh to drop bottled water from his Toshtini, let him know on the Tosh.0 Facebook page or via Twitter (@DanielTosh) with the following message: “@FiltersFast and I want @DanielTosh to drop bottled water from the Toshtini! #alltapToshtini”

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