Dream Vacation Competition

This is the time of year where millions everywhere will be packing up and heading to that yearly vacation for a little R&R. What’s your idea of a dream vacation? Is it relaxing at a beach? Time spent at a resort? A cruise getaway? Relaxing on a tropical island? Or maybe just relaxing at home with your loved ones? Whatever your idea of a dream vacation is, just send in a photo to kory@filtersfast.com and we will post the photo to our “Dream Vacation” photo album. The picture with the most Likes wins a Katadyn MyBottle Water Purifier!

To enter the contest:

  1. Email your photo of what your dream vacation will be to kory@filtersfast.com  and we will post the photo up to our “Dream Vacation” photo album (located in photos, directly under the cover photo)
  2. Tell your friends to “Like” our Facebook page so they can “Like” your photo
  3. After your photo is entered, people will vote for their favorite by “liking” the photo
  4. The contest ends Thursday June 7 at 3:00PM EST
  5. The winner of the contest receives a  Katadyn MyBottle Water Purifier
  7. Please one entry per person

Prize Details:

The Katadyn MyBottle Water Purifier is an advanced personal water bottle filtration system. The MyBottle is the only personal water bottle purification system on the entire water filter market that is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To use this water bottle purifier all you have to do is fill the bottle with the water you want purified, insert the specially-designed Katadyn purification system to drink from virtually any fresh water source.

Voting and submission begins Friday June 1 and will end on Thursday June 7 at 3:00 PM EST. Remember, the photo with the most “Likes” wins so get your friends to Like our Facebook page so they can Like your photo. Encourage them to participate as well.

In the event of a tie, a winner will be randomly selected. The winner of the contest has one week to claim their prize.  Please be sure to post only your own photos.

Plane Clean Air Filter makes list of top “Kid Friendly Travel Products”

Just wanted to share one more article on the Plane Clean Air Filter that was published over at Gadling, a popular travel blog.
The Plane Clean Air Filter made the list of “Kid Friendly Travel Products for your Upcoming Summer Vacation.” Most of the products on the list are unabashedly designed for children: rolling luggage that looks like a tiger, a “tadpole” iPod case and headphone kit, Disney luggage, etc.
While the Plane Clean Air Filter does not sport any vibrant colors or the likenesses of any popular animated personalities, it does do one thing exceptionally well: it removes 99.5 percent of bacteria, germs and viruses from the air. Given all of the recent talk about Swine Flu and the H1N1 virus, it may be the most beneficial item to make the list.
But these viruses are by no means the only reason to look into the Plane Clean Air Filter. Since there are always a few coughing, aching and sneezing passengers aboard any given flight, it would be wise to invest in any device that stands to ward off illness or sickness, especially if you are sharing a long flight with such people.