W3: Helping You to Get in Shape

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Having clean water is a major concern and in some areas of the world people don’t have access to it. That’s why Filters Fast is making a commitment to bring clean water to those parts of the world that need fresh water. We are launching the W3 campaign, a unique water charity designed to raise money and draw awareness.

Filters Fast is specifically making a difference by walking. Several of our employees are making a corporate effort to do their part for this water charity by using what’s known as a “Trekdesk” to log each single mile they walk, then converting each mile into a donation that will go towards W3 and providing clean water access to those areas lacking it.

A TrekDesk is a combination desk and treadmill, allowing users to work out while they work. Instead of sitting all day you can walk, which will allow you to log miles that can be used towards our W3 charity. And with the start of a New Year, it’s a perfect time to reach your resolution of being healthy and getting into shape. W3 is an easy way to stay involved and also allows you to get in shape while helping out those less fortunate.

In addition, it’s a good idea to get your children involved. Childhood obesity is becoming a major issue, so encouraging your children to participate in this initiative will allow them to help a good cause, while also keeping them physically fit and active. We also invite high school, minor league and major league sports teams, college sororities and fraternities, and any other types of organizations to join this initiative.

Check out our W3 promotional video for more information:

Filters Fast Proudly Announces the Launch of W3 Charity Project

Filters Fast is proud to announce the launch of our charity, W3- Work and Walk for Water. We want to do our part to make it possible for people around the world to have access to clean, fresh drinking water. Every time you flush your toilet, wash your hands, or take a sip from the hose on a hot summer day, remember that millions of people around the world are not able to enjoy these taken for granted pleasures. It is estimated that as many as 76 million people will die in the next 8 years of preventable water-related diseases. That is why now, more than ever, it is important for all of us to get up and do something.

So, how can you help? It’s easy! We have designed W3 so that you can choose to donate money, or donate miles, or both! For every mile you donate, a sponsored dollar will go to providing clean water to those who require it most. So don’t just sit there, do something! If your New Year’s Resolution is to get in better shape, you can reach your goal while helping those in need. Ask your family to sponsor your 20 mile donation (20 dollars), and reap the benefits of walking and helping others.

Here in the Filters Fast office, we have brought our commitment to providing clean water to the workplace.  Two of our employees have chosen to install Trek Desk’s, which allow them to walk on a treadmill while at work. We believe wholeheartedly that it is possible that every man, woman, and child has access to fresh, clean water, and we want to do our part.

Filters Fast will donate 100% of all proceeds, and they will go directly to water projects. This will provide wells and clean water to those who need it most.

Why Is Clean Water Important to W3?

How far would you walk for a glass of clean drinking water? One mile? Two Miles? Did you know that in many countries, like parts of Africa for example, women and children have to walk approximately 3.7 miles to carry gallons of water back to their homes and villages? Generally speaking, women and children usually bear the burden of collecting water by walking to the nearest water source that is contaminated, because that particular water source is shared with livestock and other animals. Thus, consuming contaminated water is their only option.

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Water is inter-related with health. We take the ability and freedom to walk a few steps to our faucet and turn it on in order to get a glass of clean drinking water for granted. There are poor developing countries and communities who are challenged with being able to meet basic needs. When we refer to basic needs, it goes beyond what we need to drink or ingest for our daily survival. It includes the need for water to maintain a basic standard of hygiene that is sufficient to maintain health.

At W3, as we reflect on our children and loved ones each day, we think about how it would break our hearts to helplessly watch them suffer and die from simply drinking contaminated water. This could leave them susceptible and vulnerable to diseases such as viral hepatitis, cholera, typhoid, diarrhea and dysentery. When our global neighbors are suffering and dying from not having access to clean drinking water, it is a critical matter and our W3 Team just cannot sit here and do nothing.

We invite you to join us on our mission to Work and Walk for Water. There are many ways to contribute and participate in this humanitarian effort. To learn more about our W3 initiative and how you can get involved, check out our W3 – Work and Walk for Water website.