Anti-Bottled Water Celebrities

Last week, we did a blog post on celebrities for bottled water.  You didn’t just think we’d leave you hanging without presenting the other side of the equation, did you?  The celebrities for bottled water endorse the commodity by giving it a sexy image.  It appears that those against bottled water bring a little more to the table than a sexy appearance.  Whose side are you on?

Oprah Winfrey

One of the most followed and admired television faces in America added the environment to her list of favorite things over a year ago.  Along with reusable grocery bags and Seventh Generation cleaning products, Oprah has switched to reusable water bottles to reduce plastic bottle waste.

Adam Yauch

Former Beastie Boys rapper, Adam Yauch, calls out Nestle, Pepsi and Coca-Cola in his award-winning documentary film Flow: For Love of Water. The movie bashes bottled water companies for their “privatization of the world’s dwindling fresh-water supply.”  See our list of must-watch water movies for more information on Flow along with other, similar films.

Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper and Relentless 7

This year, Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper and Relentless 7 are all teaming up with Brita, Nalgene and the Filter for Good campaign to rid their summer tours of plastic water bottles.  At each concert, refilling stations will be set up where fans can obtain and refill free, reusable water bottles.  These stations will also supply further information on ways to conserve and protect the planet.  Brita’s Filter for Good channel, featuring DMB and other similar artists, is available on Pandora.  I think it’s safe to assume that when Dave wrote “Don’t Drink the Water,” he must have been talking about the bottled kind.

Kelly Osbourne

Feeling guilty about sipping bottled spring water, earlier this year daughter of rock star Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, pledged to go green by giving up bottled water, in order to help the environment.

Gisele Bundchen

Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundchen has been spotted several times with a SIGG reusable water bottle.  Though it’s uncertain whether she does so in an effort to preserve the environment, it is questionable, considering her marriage to Tom Brady who is actively involved in the Smart Water ad campaigns.

Cindy Crawford

Clearly bottled water companies aren’t the only ones who realize that sexy sells.  Two years ago, PUR Water Filtration partnered with supermodel Cindy Crawford to promote the use of filtered water over bottled.

Garrison Keillor

TreeHugger cites a quote from Garrison Keillor on the wastefulness of bottled water, from a 2007 article in the Salt Lake Tribune.  This Minnesota public radio show host turned his back on bottled water once he realized that tap is just as good or better.  We advocate filtered tap, of course.

Top Ten Ways to Celebrate National Drinking Water Week

For more than 30 years, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) has celebrated National Drinking Water Week, recognizing the crucial role that a safe, reliable water supply plays in our everyday lives.  This year, National Drinking Water Week will be held May 2-8, and will provide an opportunity for both water professionals and community citizens to promote awareness.  The AWWA has suggested some general celebration ideas.  To jumpstart the effort, we have also compiled a list of some of our favorite ways to celebrate.

#10 – Update your Facebook Status

Nowadays, social media is one of the most used ways to promote awareness surrounding any cause.  You’d be surprised at how far a simple Facebook status update can go, especially if enough people participate.  Alert your friends, create groups, and use this platform to organize events related to water awareness.

#9 – Watch a Movie

Not just any movie.  Last week, we compiled a list of five must-watch water movies, all of which take an in-depth look at water issues that plague many people around the world.  Invite some friends over and pop some popcorn.  And instead of soda, drink water.

#8 – Go Camping

Celebrate alone or with friends in the wilderness.  A closer look at nature will remind us of how crucial water is to our world – to the survival of plants and animals, and to the sustenance of our beautiful environment.  Make sure you have access to clean drinking water while you’re in the woods.  This Katadyn MyBottle Personal Water Purifier will keep you hydrated on those long hiking trails.

#7 – Plant a Tree

After your camping trip, why not bring some of that nature home with you by planting a tree in honor of National Drinking Water Week.  According to a recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, trees are natural filters that play a key role in purifying our water supplies.  Your tree will serve as a reminder of the necessity of clean water to environmental sustenance.

#6 – Set up a Mall Kiosk

Call your local shopping mall and get permission to set up a mall kiosk for the entire week.  Use it as an opportunity to promote awareness by handing out pamphlets and other promotional materials.  You could also sell reusable water bottles and donate the proceeds to organizations that fund the creation of clean water supplies around the world.

#5 – Have a water gift exchange

Don’t wait until Christmas to have your next employee party.  Have one during National Drinking Water Week and include a gift exchange with “water” as the theme, where each person brings a “water-related” gift.

#4 – Host a water tasting

Instead of a wine tasting, why not do a water tasting using water from different sources – pitcher-filtered water, faucet-filtered water, tap water and even different bottled water brands.  See if you can taste any differences.

#3 – Contests

AWWA suggests a variety of contests for kids, including book cover art, poster, essay, and coloring contests.  Each of these can serve as educational tools, and prizes will motivate more kids to compete.

#2 – Host a Water Walk in Your Community

There are many annual walking events that promote awareness and raise money to find cures for diseases.  Why not host a water walk to promote awareness about water, and raise money to fund the building of clean water supplies around the world?

#1 – Boycott the bottle

You may think we’re biased, but this is our personal favorite way to celebrate.  Maybe you don’t have time to do any of the other things that we mentioned.  That’s okay.  You can do your part by simply drinking filtered water for the entire week.  Once you see how much money you save by not buying bottled water, you’ll never go back.

Any other ideas? We’d love to hear them.  Feel free to post them as comments below, and don’t forget to take our latest poll: “How will you celebrate National Drinking Water Week?”

Five Must-Watch Water Movies

Hollywood has long scared audiences with monstrous creatures just below the water’s surface. Usually these beasts are sharks, squid or some other creature of fancy, but in recent years filmmakers have turned their attention to even scarier things in our water. Sometimes the scariest water issues these filmmakers examine, however, have nothing to do with what’s actually in the water, but in who owns the water and who has access to this water.

Here are five must-watch movies about water issues that plague many around the world today:

1. The Story of Bottled Water – The quirky stick figures that help narrate this short film are funny, but the overall message isn’t. This film has spread like wildfire since premiering in March, and for good reason. In the film, director Annie Leonard and her troupe of stick figures share staggering facts about bottled water’s impact on our environment. You’ll never look at that bottle of Dasani in the same way again. At times funny and at times scary, this is one of the most talked-about movies about water issues out there.

2. Tapped –  Like Annie Leonard’s film, Tapped focuses heavily on the “marketing scheme” that is bottled water. The environmental impacts of bottled water are shown most notably in the shots of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a gyre of plastic products and other trash in the North Pacific that many estimate to be between Texas and the continental United States in size. The film also delves into the impact bottled water has on our own health, and talks about the danger inherent in bisphonel-A and other chemicals that have been found in some plastic bottles.

3. FLOW: For Love of Water – Whereas The Story of Bottled Water and Tapped focused on bottled water, FLOW looks at the dangers that may be in our tap water. But more than this, the award-winning documentary investigates the many ways that water is being privatized across the globe. The film is a call-to-arms, urging its viewers to stand up for their right to clean water. Finally, the film also shows the many people and organizations that are trying to fight such a fight.

4. Thirst –  Like FLOW, Thirst also investigates the privatization of water. The film follows grassroots initiatives in India, Bolivia and Stockton, California. Though they are all from different countries, these water activists are united against the global water privatization and agree that water should be a right, not a commodity to be owned.

5. The Waterfront – If you’re thinking by now that water issues primarily apply to third-world countries, think again. The citizens of Highland Park, Michigan are also fighting to keep their water from being privatized. With residents of the city receiving water bills as high as $10,000, you can understand why the film begs the question: “What if you lived by the largest body of fresh water in the world but could no longer afford to use it?”

These are by no means the only movies about water issues out there. Are there any we overlooked that you found particularly interesting?