Stockholm Junior Water Prize: A Different Class of Science Competition

Do you remember the popular projects that high school students entered into science fairs which included exhibits such as the evolution of trees and plants, the formation of rain clouds or the path of lava flowing from a volcanic eruption? Content was a vital part of your exhibit, but if you had a functional mobile presentation, that made a tremendous impression among your counterparts. Now-a-days, many science projects are focusing on environmental awareness and modern technology.

The world’s most prestigious youth award for a water-related science project is the Stockholm Junior Water Prize. This prize taps into the unlimited potential of today’s high school students as they seek to address current and future water challenges. Any high school student (grades 9-12) creating a water-related science project is eligible to participate in the U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition. Projects should focus on local, regional, national or global issues that require using scientifically accepted methodologies for experimentation, monitoring reporting and statistical analysis.

The foundation for the entries submitted into this competition includes the following criteria: creativity, relevance, methodology, subject knowledge, report and presentation, along with practical skills. This competition weights heavily on the quality of the scientific research paper more than the poster presentation. Between June 23-25, state winners for this water prize will compete in the upcoming national competition hosted by the Illinois Water Environment Association in Chicago.

School age students are doing more to make a difference by finding doable solutions for improving the quality of how we use water in our society. Science and technology are two key areas for current and future job opportunities. With some of the amazing water quality science projects that state winners are entering into the national Stockholm Junior Water Competition, it is certain that we will look at water from a new and innovative perspective. We are eager to hear the announcement of who receives the national prize for this award later this month.