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Thread: espresso machine filter solution please!?

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    waternyc is offline Junior Member
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    Feb 2010

    Default espresso machine filter solution please!?

    Total Hardness: 40+
    Carbonat Hardness: 17
    Conductivity (m2): 2230
    TDS (ppm):1120
    PH: 8.2
    Consumption for the espresso machine will be 20 L per 24hrs
    Secondary consumption will be three sinks, a 60kg ice machine, and potentially a dish washer.

    Here is my situation, and what I need is great water for great coffee. What is the cheapest and best way for me to go about filtering my water. I've heard several different solutions from several vendors, and the only problem is that they all don say the same thing since it seems that they all just want to sell their equipment. I need a real solution and an honest answer.

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    waternyc is offline Junior Member
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    Feb 2010


    So is my situation that difficult? 13 views and no answers....hmmm

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    NH Master is offline Senior Member
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    Dec 2009
    New Hampshire


    PH filtration
    Carbon filter
    RO to the espresso and ice makers

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    Alex is offline Senior Member
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    Mar 2009

    Default Hard water - High TDS

    You have Hard water and the TDS is rather high.

    You will need a water softener for the hardness minerals. But, a water softener will not remove TDS (total dissolved solids).

    For TDS you will need a reverse osmosis system. You will probably want the Reverse osmosis to take care of the coffee makers and the ice maker as stated by waternyc.

    You can use a carbon filter for polishing the water if needed for taste and odor or if it is city water and has chlorine. The reverse osmosis can take care of this if you are only worried about the water going to coffee and ice.

    waternyc pretty much nailed it!


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