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Thread: Hair Issues

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    Stealbreeze is offline Junior Member
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    Default Hair Issues

    Since moving in, my girlfriend has been experiencing problems with her hair. Flat, dry, crackley, and brittle. She never had this problem at her previous apartment. When she gets her hair done at a salon, the results are noticably better. She's been to different salons with the same results.

    I've had a water softener system installed to take care of minerals and PH. There is also a filter to take care of sediment. This system has not cured the hair problem.

    What else can I do?

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    rscardigno is offline Administrator
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    Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

    Post City or Well Water?

    Are you on a city water supply or well water? Most dry hair issues related to water quality can be linked to chlorine in your water. If you are on city water, then this will be the case for you as well. If you are on well water, then that should not be the problem unless your well water conditioner uses chlorination and is not removing the chlroine properly.

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    Stealbreeze is offline Junior Member
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    Feb 2007


    I have a well that's over 300' deep. (not sure if that means anything to ya)

    My softener system uses salt (sodium chloride aka. chlorine???).

    The hair problem started before the system was installed. The softener was supposed to alleviate the problem. We've had the softener for 4 weeks. I think there's got to be something in the water that this systems just isn't filtering out.

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    Roxanne is offline Senior Member
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    Apr 2006

    Default Have you tried a shower filter?

    All of the shower filters we sell claim "softer skin and silkier hair". I haven't tried each and every one of them but I have an Aquasana at home and it is wonderful! Here's the link to it below:


    Also here's the link to the other shower filters we carry:

    Roxanne Crawford

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    lilypotter2009 is offline Junior Member
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    Did you get your water tested for its hardness etc., usually such problems are not only caused by hardwater but also mineral deficiency or hormonal imbalance. donot completely blame your water or the filters. consult a doctor also along with getting your water tested.

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    Hello friends,

    Yeah.. this is a serious problem.. and I think it may be because of water or may be because of something else.. But 1st of all you need to find out the reason for the same..

    Get tested your water's quality.. Is it according to the standards?? if not then find out the reason and solution also.. If it is because of the water then it can be cured easily..



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