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Thread: Water filter for chloromine

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    Default Water filter for chloromine

    Hey all

    I need a good water filter for chloromine something standard for my faucet and shower good combo deal.. any suggestions? I just got threw talking to my water utility company and I asked them about what type of disinfectant they use on our water they proceeded to tell me some specifics.. our average treatment in the state I live in NJ is 3.8mg/L and our distribution is at 2.2mg/L and our chlorine is as chloromine any help will be appreciated thanks.

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    Default Removing Chloramine

    Chloramines can be a little more difficult to remove than standard Chlorine.

    Chloramines do not evaporate into the air from water as chlorine does but carbon filters will reduce the chloramines in your water.

    I would recommend a carbon block filter as it will have better contact with the water. There are different types for different applications and use.

    You can use a larger filter for whole house like the CRFC-BB or CRFC-20BB for whole house. (You would need a filter housing for these)

    The Culligan US-EZ-4 can be installed undersink for drinking water.

    Our shower filters are KDF media and will only remove chlorine, but will not remove the Chloramines. I would recommend filtering the cold water with a whole house filter before the water heater.


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