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Thread: new ice maker too slow - help

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    Default new ice maker too slow - help

    my old ice maker operated fine except the tray was flaking off. I bought a new ice maker from filters fast(Whirlpool 4317943 Ice Maker Replacement Kit RIM943 @ $42.99). I hooked it up 2 days ago. It is making a tray of ice about every 12 hours. My old one made new ice every ~ 2 hours. Nothing has changed except that I installed the new ice maker - water pressure etc is the same. It seems like after it dumps the ice it has made - it takes HOURS for the water to be allowed to refill in the ice maker ... the old one would refill with water about 20-30 seconds after it emptied and it only took 10 seconds fro the water to fill up. The new one is still "bone" dry of water HOURS after dumping a load ... but eventually it seems to refill and make another batch. it does not seem like it is a slow drip - it seems like it takes hours to let more water in... what is going on? if you can offer help - thanks - if you can email info to [email protected] it would be nice ...

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    Hey Bandit,

    I've forwarded your question to the tech support department at Aquafresh. When I receive their reply, I'll post it here and also e-mail you at the above address.




    I got a reply back from Aquafresh tech support regarding your icemaker issues (see below). Jim mentioned that it may be your water valve or a clogged filter. He's happy to send you another icemaker, but warned that it might not solve your problem if a valve or filter is at fault. If it is a valve or filter, we can probably get those for you as well. We'd just need to know the model of your refrigerator.
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