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Thread: It's all about the BEER!

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    shakerd is offline Junior Member
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    Default It's all about the BEER!

    Hey Everyone

    I make beer and lots of it. Normally I buy the jugs of spring water but since I need 8 gallons every brew day it's becoming a pain. I also drink around 5 gallons of water a week.

    I live in a small city in Alberta, Canada and our water is very hard but that doesn't bother me. The issue I have is with the Chloramine in the water. Choramine tastes terrible and will give beer a bandaid like flavor. Apparently I need an activated charcoal filter.

    I live close to the Canada/Usa border so shipping is not really an issue.

    Can anyone suggest a filer system that I can purchase and use for 10 - 15 gallons a week? I would like to keep the costs down but I am quite handy and wouldn't be adverse to building it myself.


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    Daniel is offline Junior Member
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    Hey shakerd,

    Thanks for stopping by the forums. As a craft beer geek and soon-to-be homebrewer myself, I take great interest in how water chemistry affects beer.

    Chloramine is being used in many municipalities instead of chlorine, and while chloramine is supposed to dissipate quicker, that's not always the case. Carbon filters do a good job of reducing chlorine, but don't always work with chloramine.

    We do have a few filters and systems that remove chloramine specifically. For your needs, I would suggest the Pentek ChlorPlus 10 Carbon Filter. It's flow rate should be great enough to handle what you're doing. It's also fairly inexpensive, and it has a large filter capacity so you won't have to change it out that often at all with 10-15 gallon batches every week.

    Now, you'll need a 10" filter housing to hold this filter. If you're using this only for brewing, then you may not want to install it under your sink, as is usually the case (you can, however, do this if you want to filter all of your drinking water). Check out this homebrew water filter setup -- I think that's a great way to go about doing it.

    When looking at a filter, you'll see that they have different inlet sizes (3/4", 1" etc.). If you follow the setup above, you won't really need the housing to have a built-in manifold, since you won't be installing it underneath your sink. With clear housings, you can see your filter, but that's not necessarily a necessity. I think the Pentek 158620 would suit your needs well. It's inexpensive and has a 1/2" inlet, so it should accomodate a good flow of water. Just make sure that, regardless of the housing you go with, the fittings and hoses work with the housing's inlet size.

    Please let us know how this turns out. As I said, I hope to start brewing soon myself.




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