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Thread: clorine?? TDS??

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    Default clorine?? TDS??

    I have my own water system . I just purchased a TDS meter and was wondering what is with the removal of clorine or better yet which clorine to use. I have been using just regular household bleach for 15 yrs. keeping my clorine at a min. .04 or less. I am also running a carbon filter 1.5 cu. ft. and never knew much about water. always thought clorine was good ,,seems every city uses it. Anyway i was just told about TDS and i was also told that household bleach 5.25% isn't strong enough to kill all ecolie. they say I have to use 12% is this true??? Any help with this would be appecitate ,,,Thanks Oh i am using a pond and any advise on making my water pure would be helpfull
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    Pond water use takes many new aspect in water treatment. many systems use alum to help remove suspended matter. Disinfection is the key focus.

    Chlorination/dechlorination is one type of disinfection. Others may involve UV lights, hydrogen peroxide, and iodine.

    With your chlorination system, do you have any retention tank (say, 120gal.) that the beach stays in before going to the carbon filter? If not, that should strongly be considered.

    Rule of thumb is to have the water come into contact with the bleach at least 20 minutes. Figure tha gallons/minute. The shorter the time, the stronger the solution. So yes, household sodium hyperchlorite (bleach) can be used as a disinfectant providing contact time is adequate.

    Without retention, you may have inadequate results AND your carbon will 'die' faster.

    I think 0.04ppm is too low. I recommend at least 0.5ppm before removal.

    Can you describe your system in details from pond to faucet? How is the bleach injected into the water?

    Does the pond have run off from fields, grazing land, live stock/geese? Is it for public use? Are gasoline motors used on it (outboards, etc.)? Does a stream run into it? Drainage from parking lots or other non-natural surfaces?

    Has e. Coli been detected? A TDS meter won't help you much here; it won't detect organics and chlorination won't significantly change things. Do you have an RO, softener and any other equipment?

    Andy Christensen

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    A low level chlorine tester is best. If chloramines have made it through your treatment process then you have other problems for sure. A RO membrane cannot tolerate chlorine so if you detect it your membrane has been ruined for sure. You will have gobs of TDS.

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    Default my pond

    i have a one acre pond 15 ft deep all field water has been deverted. I run a fountain ,the water is clean. I have a little run off from my yard which doesn't get sprayed or fertilized..My pump is in the pond. Comes in to the pressure holding tank then there's a injector in the line for the clorine,, then it goes through a deep sand filter 1.5 cft. ,then into 2-120gal holding tanks,,then through the carbon filter 1.5 cft. I test before tha carbon filter and try to keep clorine at .4 or better and absolute zero at the faucet upstairs. I was over to get some new carbon for my filter and the guy tells me that household bleach aint strong enough i have to use sodium hypoclorite 12% and he also said i have to watch my TDS .. Now this Co. installed the equipment 15yrs ago and told me to use bleach keep it at .4 and zero upstairs and i have nothing to worry about.. So I did and now he thinks i need a ro system and i need to use 12% clorine ,,, Is he just tryin to sell me more stuff or what??? I am gettin a tds tester off you guys and we will see what that brings. I am getting confused ,,,Thanks Andy for any and all help
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