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Thread: Water System Quote - Good idea?

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    Default Water System Quote - Good idea?

    I had a gentleman come out today from a local water company. I've had really bad issues with black particles in my water. Bad enough that I can not wash my clothes. He did some tests and said my iron was not an issue but mention installing an iron filter. I want to say he recommended the iron filter because I had a high sulfur content but I'm not positive about that. Also, he did a test of my water for hardness and it took 15 drops of water for his test liquid to go from purple to blue. He said it typically should take around 10, so I have extremely hard water.

    Below are his recommendations. Any comments would be appreciated!

    New Technology Iron Filter with Manganese Green Sand Plus with a Chlorine Regenerate - $995 installed
    - I'm not sure if New Tech is the company or if he was referring to a new type of technology used

    Reconditioned Fleck 5600 water softner - $600 installed
    - He mentioned that he refurbishes system that he replaces and resells them for a cheaper price

    He said the above should solve my problems but if not, he also has a 20"x4" post filter he can install for $200.

    Does this sound like a good deal as far as pricing?
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