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Thread: help...I am a new user

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    patty is offline Junior Member
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    Aug 2007

    Default help...I am a new user

    I have a question, please, as I am a new user.

    When I put new filters in my pitcher filter system, sometimes the water runs quickly in and fills the pitcher. Sometimes it runs very slowly, allowing me to fill only the top till it drains and I refil the top. Which is the correct way for filling? What am I doing wrong? The filters seem to be in correctly.

    Also, can I get a replacement piece for the little plastic opening flap on top of the lid? Mine is broken.

    Thank you for your help.


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    Roxanne is offline Senior Member
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    Apr 2006

    Default Brita Pitchers

    Hi "New User" ,

    Sounds like you are filling the pitcher correctly, pour the water in the top, and then slowly the water runs through the filter and fills the bottom half of the pitcher. As for the replacement cap, Brita may be able to help you. You can reach them at 800-242-7482. Thanks!
    Roxanne Crawford


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