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Thread: Fleck Model 2510 & 2510 Econominder

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    Default What do I do? My ph is 5

    Hi, my ph level is 5,Alkalinity is 180, hardness is 50, Iron is 0. Nitrate is 0...How do I change my ph level to 7 ?? I have a Model 2510 & 2510 Econominder. This filter system was installed 8 years ago and its been working find. I have been getting green/blue stains in my shower now for the last 4 mouths. I have very little copper piping. Most of my piping is plastic. My Well is a Point driven system. What do I need to do to fix my ph level?..George
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    Common systems used to treat low pH:
    • calcite Neutralizer
    • calcite & Corosex Blend Neutralizer (Below a pH of 6.0)
    • Soda Ash/calcite Feed Pump Injection System

    Check the toilet tank for more clues. If you see blue stains, or blue green deposits this indicates copper pipe corrosion. If you see brown/red rust stains or rust deposits this can indicate iron pipe corrosion or there may be iron naturally occurring your well water. If you are only seeing the blue green stains in the shower, it may be coming from your water heater.

    10 Inch whole house housing
    AF-10-3231-BB - Calcite Filter
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