Hello every body
I really need your help in fact that I am not an engineer. so please if anyone of you has knowledge about my concern so please help me to solve my questions.
I will start doing a work about Floating media filter and will use a polymer beads as a media for my filter

At the moment I am busy doing some caracterization analysis of some particles which will be tested on the filter next step.

will give u some more information concerning my work.

What I want to do is test some different polymer beads and see if have an effect or not of removing some contamminates.. I am intersted to remove the turbidity and suspended solids and the colour from the water.. I will work with a specific feed water ( not sewage or biological concern )..

in my future work ( in 6 months time ) I might do experiment ( test the beads ) on a big fliter which will be somewhere on Water treatment plant..

But at the moment to test a small amount of beads ( such as 2 or 3 kg ) I need to design a small filter...

1- could you give me a diagram with the main things that i need it beside the body filter itself.. such as pump..may be flowmeter, and how to measure the velocity ahow to add a coagulation. and how we connect all of these tools with filter ?
2- If i need to measure the void of my beads.. so how can i do a simple experiment ?
3- is it important to take the pressure drop into account while the filter is working and how to measure the pressure head ( head loss)
4- when when we talk about the packed bed surface area... so what dose it mean exactly ? is it just the area the beads will be settle in ?

5- there is an onoter term might be very important which is Floccolation... so could u explain about it and what is the importance of it ?

Finally I really need your help

Best regards