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different iron filters

  1. steve
    I have looked at so many iron filters before deciding on Therminox filter, (air injection types, other media filters etc..), if others work, someone tell me so, have heard other issues with so many other brands, thus the reason for going with Therminox, (not as many issues). This information would have been so helpful to me in the beginning. If it works, "say so"..
    thanks in advance,
  2. steve
    I recently installed a 10" Terminox iron filter with a soda ash injection for PH. The system is working great and I now have the best water I have ever had. My TDS is 325, my PH is 7.2 to 7.4 and my hardness is 0,, My iron 0, .. I have better water coming out of my kitchen sink than what comes out of a bottle of "Aquafina" bottled water. Super high quality H20 is the fact. My RO tap at sink is even better, how about 83 TDS, PH 7.4 and did I mention,, "NO IRON.. "yes I did",, NO IRON",, its a wonderful thing!! :-)
    Please feel free to ask questions, it will save you time and money,, I charge nothing and now have a lot of experience with repair as well as installation...

    Steve Daniels / BAHAMA NC..
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