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Thread: If-35 replacement

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    Default If-35 replacement

    I'm trying to change my old IR-30 to a new IF-35. The existing IR-30 uses just plastic type tubing to connect both sides. If I follow the instructions .. I cut off the old "ends" ( screw on type ), clean the new cut ends, and insert them into the new IF-35? How does the new IF-35 hold the plastic tubing in place ?


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    Thumbs up IF-35 replacement

    The IF-35 uses a John Guest quick connect fitting.

    Make sure the tube is cut as square as possible so that the end of the tube will create a good seal with the O-ring in the quick connect fitting. Push the end of the tube into the fitting until it stops. Pull on the tube to make sure that it is in securely.

    The collet (gripper) has teeth which hold the tube firmly in position while the O-Ring provides a permanent leak proof seal.

    To remove the tube, you would just push the collet down and remove the tubing. The fitting can be reused.


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