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Thread: Where is the part numbers of Wall mounting for both housing in line?

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    Smile Where is the part numbers of Wall mounting for both housing in line?

    Where is the part numbers of Wall mounting for both housing in line?

    Secondly, my father concern about the PSI will drop sharply after installation of the water filtering system. Is anyone who have such an experience without adding the pumping machine?

    Setup cost like the photo total cost will be in filtersfast.com

    The water definitely tastes different; it has a slightly-metallic aftertaste, similar to distilled water. I’m interested to see how much stuff the sediment filter catches after 3 months.

    This is my bill from FiltersFast:

    Filter Housing BFS0-201 $56.99
    Carbon Filter CBR2-10R $16.95
    Sediment Filter CW-MF $3.30
    Filter wrench SW-1a $2.70
    Shipping $1.99
    retailmenot.com coupon -$5.00
    Total $76.93

    I also had to buy two 3/8″ compression to 3/8″ MPT adapaters for $4.79 and a couple hoses from Cole Hardware, bringing the total up to a hundred bucks.
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    Lightbulb Mounting and PSI

    We do not sell the double mounting bracket that you show in this picture. We only sell the mounting bracket for the housing separately which will be either the MC-1A or the 3G SL depending on which housing you get.

    With any filter, there is going to be some sort of pressure drop. Depending on what filter you decide, will determine how much pressure will drop.

    I see that you are using the CBR2-10R which has a built in flow control that will restrict water flow to allow more contact time between the water and the carbon. We also sell a CBR2-10 that does not come with the restrictor and allow for a little higher flow rate.

    The CBR2-10 and the CBR2-10R are both carbon block filters. If pressure is an issue with these filters, i would recommend the GAC-10 which is the granular form of carbon, but will not filter out as many contaminants. (There is always trade offs)


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