I'm hoping someone can help solve this issue. We have a washer that worked fine for the first 2.5 years, and then suddenly the water intake valve stuck open and the cold water wouldn't shut off. We were told it was because of sediment in our water. We have well water, have always had it. This did not happen on our old washer. After they changed the part (can't just change the screen on it), it was good for about 6 months, and then broke again and since then, it has broken several more times with less and less time in between. The last time it was replaced was 3 weeks ago and it has now broken again already.

We have a well that has sulphur, so we have a chlorinator to remove the sulphur, and a carbon filter to remove the chlorine. We are told that somehow the minerals mixing with the chlorine causes some sort of buildup that is small enough to fit thru the screens on the hoses, and the screens in the water intake valve on the washer (only the cold water). I'm not sure I belive this, as it does not happen on any of our other faucets or on the dishwasher. We often have to have the carbon filter rebed because it gets clogged and we lose pressure. We normally have low water pressure, but it gets worse when the carbon filter gets clogged and the only way to fix it is to bypass the filter until it gets rebed.

Nothing has changed with our well for the 15 years we've lived there other than our neighbor had to have a new well dug last year, and I'm wondering if that new well could have affected ours? Is it possible that our pump dropped, or that we now have a crack or something in our well that's causing additional sediment? Or should we just install an inline filter at the cold water line to the washer to stop this issue?