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Thread: Dishwasher softener

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    Default Dishwasher softener

    I just ordered a well water test kit off amazon so I can't give any specs on my water yet. We've lived here 5 years and while there's no rust stains the chalk is moderately bad. We are looking into whole house systems and will definitely get one in the near future, but right now I'm still in the early learning stages of water filter/treatment systems and I've been reading just long enough to realize there's a LOT more reading I'll be doing before spending that kind of money. I want to know I made the right choice before I make it.

    In the meantime this chalk on our dishes is horrible. The only softener I've run across made especially for a dishwasher (can take hot water) is the Kinetico one, but it seems they've discontinued it unless it's just not listed on their website. Or, I simply can't find it. Is Kinetico the only manufacturer who made/makes one for this purpose? Thanks.

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    The Chalky substance is usually from hardness minerals in the water (calcium and magnesium carbonates and bicarbonates). To remove these minerals will be to install a softener before the water is split to the water heater. It is not usually recommended to install a softener on hot water.

    I would recommend something like the clock initiated 5600-CC made by Hydrotech. You can have this softener set to regenerate in the middle of the night when no water is being used.

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    Kinetico still makes the softener designed for hot water use. Is there any reason that you wouldn't want to soften the water ahead of the dishwasher - or in fact, all utility water?


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