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Thread: low water pressure

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    richardr is offline Junior Member
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    Default low water pressure

    Just installed Whirlpool UltraEase PLUS In-Line System. Water pressure through it is so low that water dispenser produces a trickle; ice-maker is working fine although I think it fills slowly. A fitting on this unit has a "flow control" which I think is just a plug with a very small hole in it. My question is why the low pressure (I checked for crimped lines and all ok)? and could it be that flow control device inserted in the fitting; can I just remove it?

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    Eric55 is offline Junior Member
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    Jun 2011


    Yes Whirlpool is a good plus In-Line system and is good for water pressure well its better not to remove it because it is a flow control device that inserted in th fitting.

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    kjzmysl is offline Junior Member
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    Default Increased filtering but lower water pressure?

    I recently switched from the 5 micron filter to the 1 micron filter. It seems that the toilet tank fill valve in my upstairs toilet now never shuts off the water completely. It drains into that little tube in the center of the tank until I tap on the fill valve a few times. I've replaced the fill valve twice with a different model each time but it still fails to shut off.

    Could the 1 micron filter be reducing my water pressure just enough to contribute to this problem?

    My water bill has doubled due to that never ending trickle.

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    pawaterguy is offline Senior Member
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    Usually, that problem is caused by dirt in the valve in the toilet. Did you try a Fluidmaster 500 kit? I always recommend Fluidmasters over the generics. Anyway, low pressure could cause the valve to not seal up again I guess. I see it on commercial urinal valves all the time but have never seen it in a residential toilet...but because of that urinal issue I'd guess it's possible.


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