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Thread: Katadyn Outdoor and emergency filters

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    Default Katadyn Outdoor and emergency filters

    We carry many different Katadyn Outdoor filters and accessories which are great for recreation and emergency use!

    If you having a hard time choosing which filter is best for you, feel free to drop a line on our forum.

    You can E-mail or call us at 866-438-3458 (Toll Free within USA) as well.
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    Katadyn water filters are widely known for their excellence and reliability. Katadyn has been around for over 50 years and is used in many organizations and groups of people world wide. Katadyn is the most trusted name when it comes to making drinking water safe to consume.

    Katadyn water filters are made of very few parts. So you can clean them without having to worry about losing an important piece. And you can be sure to reassemble them correctly and not second guess yourself with every piece you put back. There will be none of those "left over" pieces when you are done cleaning and reassembling a Katadyn water filter.


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    Agreed. Katadyn water filters have great durability. They are one of the best outdoor filters available on the market.

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    I can't say much about them today, but I did have a compact Katadyn travel filter many years ago that worked fine at first, but after a little while became almost impossible to pump... The small size seems great for backpacking, but I think that would be about the only reason to own one. I purchased a Berkey "travel" water filter just over a year ago, and love it! You can pretty much pour water from a stagnant retention pond in the top and have it come out all nice and clean at the bottom. So if you are doing anything other than backpacking in the wilderness, that is the way I would go...

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    The type of water everyone gets is not the same. Therefore the Water Purification Technology needs to be apt for the type of water one gets.Water Consumer offers a Water Testing facility where a sample of the water from your home / office is collected & sent to a Govt. accredited laboratory for testing. The reports would determine the quality of water with its TDS level and other minute details based on established published Standards by recognized Standard Setting Bodies of the Government.



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