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Thread: filtering TN river/lake water

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    Default filtering TN river/lake water

    how would I construct a filter to filter lake water from the Tennessee River using 6" pvc and filtering media?
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    What is the intended use for the water? Irrigation? Utility water? Drinking water?

    How many gallons per day usage?

    Whenever using surface water, a very wide range of parameters must be understood. The condition of surface water can change daily, even hourly. Surface runoff, farming chemicals, industrial waste, organic matter--both living and dead, etc., must be determined though not only testing but constant monitoring.

    Initial filters I call the "logs and frogs" filter (meant to keep out very large substances), which can include screens of a wide mesh size. From there coagulation, disinfection, filtration, sanitation, and purification must come in proper stages allowing for adequate flow and ease of maintenance.

    In short, a lot more information would be needed to determine what to recommend.

    Andy Christensen


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