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Thread: Wastewater management

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    Default Wastewater management

    Chlorine based water treatment,Onsite Chlorine generator,Chlorine disinfection,Chlorine disinfection,Chlorine generator,Chlorine generators,A certain minimum amount of residual concentration of the disinfectant in water to ensure continued disinfection during water storage.Safe Water System,Urban wastewater treatment,Rural drinking water,The main purpose of disinfecting drinking water is to kill bacteria and virus which cause dreaded diseases.

    Chlorine disinfection,Rural drinking water,Water Electro chlorinator,On-site sodium hypochlorination is the most suitable method for this kind of disinfection as it is low cost,prevents recontamination and is energy efficient as compared to other methods.Chlorine generator,Electrochlorination,The purpose of disinfecting wastewater is to substantially reduce the number of microorganisms in the water to be discharged back into the environment.Wastewater management,Water Electro chlorinator,Sodium hypochlorite is used as a broad spectrum disinfectant in hospitals and hotels.

    Sodium hypochlorite producer,Chlorine disinfection,Electrochlorination,In hotels, sodium hypochlorite has wide applications as an inexpensive and effective disinfectant against all types of bacteria,fungi and viruses.Sodium Hypochlorite generator,Chlorine disinfection,n sugar mills, sodium hypochlorite is used for general sanitation and prevention of bacteria that causes the formation of Dextron which eventually leads to the white sugar yield.

    Cooling tower Sanitizer,Desalination Plants,Seawater pipeline is subject to micro fouling in the form of slime formation leading to accelerated corrosion and reduced head exchange efficiency. Biofouling,Seawater electrolysis,Sodium Hypochlorite generator,Sewage treatment,Ballast water tanks on board ships are filled with water from one sea and discharged in another sea can cause marine ecological imbalance by introducing foreign species of aquatic life.Electrochlorination,Electrochlorination package,During sea water intake in a thermal power plant or a desalination plant, it is essential to remove all these from the water.

    Sea water chlorinator,Sea water intake,Seawater electrolysis,Offshore and on shore facilities using seawater in their Firewater System face the problem of marine growth like algae, mussels etc.Offshore electrochlorinator,Sea water chlorinator,Sodium hypochlorite generation,Water contains various microorganisms,bacteria, protozoan,that contribute to a bio-film formation on the membrane surface.Onsite disinfectant generation,Chlorine disinfection,Marine growth and fouling in Floating production Storage and Offloading vessels (FPSO) reduces heat transfer in condenser and heat exchanger and restricting cooling water flow in pipes.

    Offshore electrochlorinator,Electrochlorination,In Thermal Power Plants,Refineries and Steel Plants,our electro chlorinators are extensively used in the Cooling Towers to prevent algae growth in the cooling water.Cooling water treatment,Compact Electrochlorinator is a Batch type disinfectant generator which produces Sodium Hypochlorite a strong disinfectant, by the process of electrolysis from salt and water.

    Electrochlorination package,Electrochlorination process,Our Electrochiorinator produces Liquid Chlorine(Sodium Hypochiorite ) from common salt as per your requirement it is safe and cost saving.Electrochlorinator,Electrochlorinator cell replacement,Solar Electrochlorinator is a Batch type disinfectant generator which products Sodium Hypochlorite a stong disinfectant, by the process of electrolysis from salt and water.

    Sodium hypochlorite generation,Sodium Hypochlorite generator,Automatic Electochlorinators are compact low capacity systems which produce sodium Hypochlorite continuously form Saltwater or seawater, by the process of Electrolysis.Salt water electrolysis,Sea water chlorinator,Water & Wastewater treatment, cooling water treatment and other disinfection process require Chlorine.

    Wastewater management,Water Electro chlorinator,Urban wastewater treatment,Continuous Production Electorchlorinators are designed for high capacity production from brine solution.Sodium Hypochlorite generator,Sodium hypochlorite generation,Sewerage treatment,The Concentric tubular electrode is a design innovation that has significantly improved the Sodium Hypochlorite generation process.Sewage treatment,Sewerage treatment.

    Electrochlorination is a chemical process which uses water, common salt and electricity to produce Sodium Hypochlorite(NaOCl). Electrochlorination,Electrochlorination package,Electrochlorination is a chemical process which uses water, common salt and electricity to produce Sodium Hypochlorite.Electrochlorination skid,Electrochlorination system,Electrochlorinator,This produces Sodium Hypochlorite instantaneously which is a strong disinfectant. This is then dosed in water in the required concentration to disinfect water, or to prevent Algae Formation and Bio Fouling.Sodium hypochlorite generation,Electrochlorination.

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