It is time to clean the filters when you notice a decrease in the pressure from your jets, or when the pressure in your filter tank increases by 8 psi from when the filter was newly installed.

In order to clean the filter;
  • First remove it from its canister and use a garden hose to dislodge any debris between the pleats.

  • Soak the filter in commercially prepared filter cleaner, or spray with the same to remove organic material and oils. To remove stains soak overnight in a solution of one quart bleach and 5 gallons water.

  • Thoroughly rinse the cartridge with fresh water and reinstall it into the canister. Be sure to follow manufacturer's directions for installing the filter.

  • DO NOT use a high-pressure car wash wand, a stiff brush or acid wash to clean the filter cartridges as these methods can damage the filter media.

You can use the FC-6350 Pure & Clean Filter Cartridge and Grid Cleaner. This is used to clean filter cartridges and DE grid filters of all kinds. It is especially useful when utilized between filter change outs to extend the life of filter cartridges and DE grids.

Pure & Clean can also be used as a general cleaner for dirty surfaces on pool equipment, patio furniture, acyrilic spas, and boats. So it can be very handy around the house!