Starring the MXRC, GWF, and MWF.

A long long time ago GE created a filter called the MXRC, this aluminum filter was a star in it's day. But after awhile GE saw some problems that they were determined to work out. So a few years along came the GWF. The GWF had a whole new look to match the times--smooth, white, plastic. Wow! GE thought to themselves! This is it! We've done it! Filtering at it's best! But as time went on and the world became a more dark and polluted place the people cried out for a filter that was going to get rid of impurities than the GWF was capable of. So GE went back to the drawing board and came up with the latest invention in SmartWater Filtration yet today. The wonderful, the new, the improved MWF!!! The people were excited, dancing in the streets-- singing the praises of the MWF and it's new fancy lip! But alas, GE wasn't done yet. All the people that once bought the MXRC were saddened by this because the MWF would not fit in their refrigerators. So, GE came up with an adapter that actually makes it possible for people who already use the MXRC to be able to use the new and improved MWF. The GWF, naughty filter that is was, was so upset over being replaced that it ran away...never to return (aka GE discontinued it). And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.