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Thread: LG5231JA2006A Manufacture date

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    surmise is offline Junior Member
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    Jul 2011

    Default LG5231JA2006A Manufacture date

    I may have mixed up my new and old filters. I note stamped date on each that is different. One is CND08210-L1 and the other is CM11L011-2. Can anyone help?

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    Alex is offline Senior Member
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    Not sure of the difference in the numbers for the date. But, there should be nothing to worry about as there is not a shelf life on refrigerator filters. The filters are made of carbon, plastic, and a small o-ring or two.

    Be sure that the cap remains on the new filter and store in a dry place until it is used. A filter will work just the same many years after the purchase than when you first get the filter. The life of the filter begins once moisture or water passes through the filter.

    Don't forget to reset the filter change light on your dispenser if you have one, they are not reset automatically.
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