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Thread: Water Dispensed from Whirlpool Refrigerator Not Cold After Filter Change

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    Default Water Dispensed from Whirlpool Refrigerator Not Cold After Filter Change

    I have a side-by-side Whirlpool refrigerator model ED25TE that I acquired in 2003. I have only bought replacement water filters from FiltersFast, specifically the Whirlpool 8171413 except on the last purchase early last year I switched to the Aquafresh WF286. I have never had any issues with the Whirlpool 8171413 filter since the start. When I finally ran out of the Whirlpool 8171413 filter last week, I installed the new Aquafresh WF286 filter. I have noticed that the water is not cold at all when dispensed through the door water outlet. It was noticably colder when I had the Whirlpool 8171413 filter in place. I have removed and reinserted the Aquafresh filter several times throughout the day and the water is not being dispensed cold. The refrigerator side has no temperature issues. When I have removed the Aquafresh filter and shook the water out of the filter, it feels cold. I wish I had not tossed out my last Whirlpool filter so I would know if it is the Aquafresh filter or something else. I feel that the water is bypassing the filter so the water is not cold. Is there something I should check? With my sister's family of four staying at my house, they have been using my refrigerator water dispenser every day and noticed immedately after I changed to the Aquafresh filter that the water was dispensing lukewarm like what is coming out of the tap than what was before coming out through the Whirlpool filter.

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    It sounds like the water is either not going through the filter or the filter isn't as thorough as the original filter. It would be easier to determine if you were able to get another Whirlpool filter or even another Aquafresh filter to check to see if it is a bad filter. Is the tap water from your sink the same temperature as the water from the fridge? If it's warmer from the fridge then maybe the line is getting heated from something before it reaches the fridge.
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