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Thread: New house - old filters!

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    Default New house - old filters!

    We have an RO sink in the house we bought, and I am having a hard time locating replacement parts for the refrigerator filter. The previous owner admitted it has been about five years since the filters were changed. Here are the components I found:

    - Culligan Reverse osmosis water storage tank (01004776)
    - Culligan Particulate filter (4015-38)
    - R.O. Module (CA) 01000147

    These are the three components I found, outside of hoses. I THINK I found the replacement for the 4015-38

    The other parts I can't find. A second question I had was about our refrigerator. The owner said the water dispenser in the refrigerator has over the past few months has slowly come to the point where it will only put out about maybe 1/4 cup of water before it stops. Would this be (possibly) because of the filtration system components not being maintained?

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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    With most fridge hooked up with an RO, the fridge filter is not needed and should be removed (automatic by-pass) or replaced with a blank cartridge; this is easy yo determine which. This will increase pressure/flow at the fridge and save in filter replacement costs.

    Your link doesn't work!

    Andy Christensen


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