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Thread: Best quality...?...

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    wilsonusa1 is offline Junior Member
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    Default Best quality...?...

    We have a new Top/Bottom Samsung Refrigerator, it has in-door water/ice with inside water filter.

    We have Culligan Water at our Offices and have tested both our in-home Samsung Water/City with the Culligan (zero filter tester).

    The Home Samsung/City Water has hundreds of dissolved solids (not good!) and hte Culligan has much less...

    Question is, are there BETTER REFRIGATOR filters/Samsung or Generic that really do indeed filter-out Pharmaceuticals, Lead, Chlorine, et al - or do we have to suffice with the current line of refrigerator filters (LG, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Samsung) which do little more than filter out some chlorine and taste...?...

    In other words, do we really need a filter if these current filters perform little-to-no filtering whatsoever? How about a new line of Regrigerator Filters that actually, well, FILTER?

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    Alex is offline Senior Member
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    It is important to remain filtering the water and ice with the filter. All of the Samsung and generic will filter the same as they are all carbon block filters that reduce contaminants down to 0.5 microns.

    The water quality (even from the city) will be different at different locations and a standard TDS meter will not tell exactly what is in the water. Water hardness and dissolved minerals in the water will effect the results of any TDS meter and will always fluctuate.

    If you are looking to improve the quality of your refrigerator water, you can install a better water filter before the water enters the refrigerator.

    I would recommend a Reverse osmosis system, which will remove 90%-99% of total dissolved solids. This system would go under your kitchen sink and you could run the water line to the refrigerator and also have its own faucet on the sink.

    The Aquaflo E50TFC-3SF will filter all the Pharmaceuticals, Lead, Chlorine, and anything else that could be lurking in your water.

    Clean water and ice should always be a priority in every household!

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    VernaLee is offline Junior Member
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    It's a good thing you prioritize having a clean ice to be used at home. I guess you have to install a new and better water filter first. One best thing to do is to get a Reverse Osmosis. This system will definitely help in terms of removing dissolved solids just like what Alex said.


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