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Thread: Frigidaire Water Slow Out the Door...

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    Mark Andrews is offline Junior Member
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    Feb 2014

    Default Frigidaire Water Slow Out the Door...

    Hello -- New to Forum -- Looking for advice on a Frigidaire in-refrigerator water filtration system in a 'Gallery' model, FGUS2632LE -- It came with home recently purchased; refrigerator was new in 2011 through HH Gregg -- Water pressure is fine throughout the home, and feed line to refrigerator is opened all the way. Water pressure from the in-door dispenser is sluggish; the flow rate is substantially less than what I experienced with GE models and home visitors remark that, '...water comes out of that thing slowly...' so I don't think it's just my out-of-line expectations --
    Question: Is this performance typical for Frigidaire's? Filter indicator light is at 'green' --no replacement indicated (yet) based on flow rate; however, water is hard in the home (400ppm of calcium)... Thanks for any assistance...
    Best regards,
    Mark A.

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    Alex is offline Senior Member
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    Hi Mark,

    Has the water from the door always been slow, or has it become sluggish over time?

    You water filter light will just measure the timeframe needed to change the filter, but it will also depend on the water quality.

    Hard water and scale are known to clog the water filters faster than normal and it is recommended to change it when you notice a pressure decrease.

    Your frigidaire FGUS2632LE refrigerator uses the WF3CB water filter.


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