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Thread: Drinking Water

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    Superbee is offline Junior Member
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    Default Drinking Water

    I want the best possable Drinking water, i pickup a RO off eBay but having problems with it, what can i do to this Ro to make the best water.
    right now running a 100Gpd Stage 6 but i took out the Di today gives me dry mouth now testing it with No DI to start
    I'm water senitive there are only 2 kinds of bottle water i can drink Nestle and Auqafina so far
    the rest make me sick..
    More about my system
    first stage:50 micron Sediment
    Secons Stage 10 micron Carbon
    third stage 1 micron sediment
    100 GPD Membrane
    Was running a DI took it out Gives me Dry Mouth
    High Capacity 11" In-Line Filter (Carbon)

    with the Di in water tasted ok
    with it out tastes just like city water

    City water is running 460ppm TDS
    with RO 10ppm TDS
    Anything you can put inline to make it taste better?

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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    Port Clinton, Ohio, United States


    First of all, wanting the 'best' water possible, it is rare that eBay can provide you with those parameters. Primarily because you didn't depend on a water professional to guide you to their optimum systems and no one to do service or answer questions concerning the water produced or equipment functions.

    Also, they are usually sold at a cheap price and 'getting what you pay for' is often true in the water treatment industry.

    Are you on city or well water? Do you know your TDS count? Do you have any water system ahead of the RO?

    The DI (deionization) reduces to near zero the remaining ions and TDS that actually pass through the membrane. Water is a tasteless, colorless, odorless liquid; something most people have never experienced, actually. DI uses ion excahnge removing both positive and negative charged ions (hydrogen and hydroxides). Some have complained that their water tasted flat.

    Don't be confused with 100gpd or 75gdp production ratings. It does, in no way, indicate that your system can actually produce that quantity. Even if the membranes are NSF rated at those numbers, they are usually tested at 77 degrees F at 60-100psi. As temperatures and pressure drops, the production rates likewise drops dramatically.

    Your system will typically produce 12-18 gallons per day if you have an air bladder style holding tank.

    I know that Aquafina is RO but not sure about Nestle's.

    With two carbon filters, your water should NOT taste like city water

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    Superbee is offline Junior Member
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    Aug 2006


    I have got used to the taste of the water now will never go back to city water
    i'm having no problems at all the the RO the TDS count is at 4 now it started at 10, Thanks


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