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Thread: GE FQROPF Reverse Osmosis Pre- and Post- Filters

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    Default GE FQROPF Reverse Osmosis Pre- and Post- Filters

    Dear Filters Fast:
    I have a GE Reverse Osmosis Filtration System, model #PNRQ15F. I need to change the membrane, the pre-filter, and the post-filter. The model number for the membrane is FQROMF and the model number for the pre- and post- filters are FQROPF. The old filters I'm replacing specify that one is a Pre-filter and one is a Post-filter. I know this because it is stamped on the filters themselves. However, when I ordered my replacement filters from you, both of the filters look identical and neither states which filter goes where. Did you send me the wrong thing?

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    Default GE Reverse Osmosis Pre- and Post- Filter

    The older version of the GE FQROPF did stamp which filter was the Pre-filter and which one was the Post-filter. The old filters were different because each filter had a different Micron level, and therefore, went in a certain order. GE has since upgraded these filters. Both filters are the same .5-1 Micron level and made of the same media. They are identical. This allows you to put the filters in either position and they will work the same.


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