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Thread: For Reverse Osmosis Newbs

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    DimeWater Guest

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    For most of us our last chemistry class was quite some time ago. So before buying a reverse osmosis water system for your home or business you might be asking yourself, “Reverse osmosis sounds great. But what is it?”.

    To understand what reverse osmosis is we first have to understand what osmosis is. If we were to ask a chemist this question he/she might respond, “osmosis is a specific type of diffusion involving water.” That’s great but it leaves us asking yet another question. What is diffusion? Diffusion is the movement of molecules from an area of higher concentration (i.e. an area where there’s more of that particular substance, like water) to an area of lower concentration (to an area where there’s not as much of that particular substance).

    Like we said earlier, osmosis is a specific type of diffusion involving water. So basically osmosis is the process by which water moves from an area of high concentration through a semipermeable membrane (i.e. through a barrier where some things can pass through, like water, and other things can’t, like salt molecules) to an area of lower concentration.

    Like the name implies, in reverse osmosis this process is reversed. By applying pressure to the water in the area of lower concentration it is forced through the semipermeable membrane and into the area of higher concentration. And in this process the water is being filtered because, depending on what the membrane is made of, the membrane will filter out sodium, chlorine, calcium, sugar, bacteria, and other undesirable impurities.

    Thus, reverse osmosis can be utilized for a variety of useful functions. It can be used to make fresh drinking water out of seawater (desalination), and it can be used to filter out impurities in tap water into fresh drinking water.
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    Default Reverse osmosis

    Reverse osmosis is one of the best systems to have in your home for drinking water. The Hydrotech 4 valve 4VTFC75GPB (75 Gallon per day) system is a quality system with good tank refill rate.

    When the water is used, the system will quickly replace the water with filtered water. You will have a tank full of purified water to have on hand when needed.

    If you do not want to go up to a 75 gallon per day system, we also carry a 50 gallon per day, 4VTFC50GPB.

    There is also the availability to get 9 Gallon Per Day or 25 Gallon Per Day.

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    Good explaination. But what about what happens in the body in continuation of osmosis and equilibrium?

    Doesn't drinking that water without any dissolved solubles in it cause the body to want to equalize the water? ie. minerals from the blood/bones/ intestines etc leach out to complete the osmosis equilibrium in water that is total devoided of minerals, thus sending some organs into shock. The minerials can be reabsorbed from the water but the majority will be loss from the body via concentrated urine. The WHO has found that children end up with more brittle bones from drinking deminerialized water.


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