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Thread: Kinetico RO leak/filters/identify

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    Default Kinetico RO leak/filters/identify

    Hi... long post alert... )

    I have an older Kinetico RO undersink system purchased together with the M60 unit. It was purchased in 1998. I don't know the model number but it has 3 filters in white containers and 1 white tank. It's housed in an enclosed container(black on bottom/white on top). I can't find anything identifying it as a Kinetico system. I'll describe what I have if anyone can tell me the model number as i'm looking for a replacement part and filters.

    - The tank has model RO4 and mfg. of Amtrol. I believe this is just a universal tank.
    - One filter has a description of Ominipure CL 10R0 /33.
    - The next filter looks to be about 9 7/8" in length x 2 1/2" diameter. It probaby should be white but it's brown(needs replacing). No model/mfg.
    - The third is the membrane which is blue in color and has T-1060 marked.

    If this is a Kinetico, what is the model number?

    I also have a leak. I believe it's the automatic shutoff assembly. It has 4 lines going to it. It's round and when I opened it up I found a small oring and a flat rubber diaphram? The housing is secured by 4 screw/bolts. I assume that the leaks are from the orings/diaphram since everything else is plastic.

    I'll attach some pics showing the leaking part and it taken apart.

    The unit was working recently. The housing concealed the leak so I don't know how long its been like this, but it was still working. I trying to see if its cost effective to change filters and fix the leak or get another RO undersink system(do it yourself install since it's pretty much setup already).

    If anyone can tell me:
    - Model number?
    - Identify the part I attached in the pic.
    - Suggest where I can get a replacement part that's leaking(maybe it comes as one unit with housing, oring and diaphram).

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