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Thread: Kinetico quick flow tank issues

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    Default Kinetico quick flow tank issues

    We have a Plus VX Deluxe system, with a black pressure tank. I keep seeing references to completely draining the tank. There are four hoses connected to qd fittings, labelled "tank", "feed", "drn", and "signal". "tank" has an inline valve between the RO unit and the tank fitting.

    Here's our problem. After a cartridge change (yes, I followed the instructions) we get no water. Ok, so we leave it alone overnight. Now we get ~1/2oz water then very slow drips. R/R cartridges again, no effect.

    This system was installed three years ago when some subset of the original Kinetico system failed and was replaced under warranty. I have no idea what fraction of it was replaced (tank only, the whole system, etc). About the same time, the icemaker/water in the refrigerator started having problems. Replaced the in-fridge filter, no effect. Ice cubes are like chips, it's not getting enough pressure to flow enough water into the icemaker (timed flow, manual says 30psi min).

    So I've got two problems. The immediate issue is no RO drinking water. Not good, three dogs and three adults all need clean water. The secondary issue is mediocre ice production.

    How do I empty this tank? I assume randomly disconnecting lines and applying light air pressure isn't going to work too well.

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    Default Draining RO tank

    The air pressure in holding tank may be incorrect. This is usually the most common reason for low flow from the system.

    Open faucet and empty water from holding tank. Shut off feed water to system and remove holding tank from under sink if necessary. Locate the air valve stem (just like on a car tire) and add air. If there is still water in the tank, continue to add air until all the water is removed.

    Once all the water is removed, continue to add air and pressurize to about 8 PSI.

    Reinstall the tank if you took out and turn on the feed supply to the system and allow the tank to fill.

    **NOTE: If you notice that water comes out of the valve stem when adding or checking air pressure, then the bladder inside the tank has gone bad. The tank or bladder would then have to be replaced.**

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    There is no air in the holding tank and no air can be added. This system does not use air to drive the production water.

    The is a modulator that may need to be replaced. It should still be unfer warranty. Installers have found that priming the post filter before inserting can help.

    I'll try to get some more information soon, but normally it is the modulator.



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