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Thread: Hooking Ro filter to refrigerater

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    Default Hooking Ro filter to refrigerater

    I a Haque H3000 RO system. It is currently hooked up to my Amana Frig (17 yrs old). i have no problem making ice. I am looking at getting a new frig and have read that RO units are not recommended for ice maker hook up on the newer refrigeraters.

    Can anyone tell me why it wouldn'y work and what my options are?


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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    Your RO may have a pump attached to it. Is that right? That is a membrane pump which increases pressure for the separation of permeante water (drinking) and concentrate water (down the drain),

    This will not increase pressure for delivery to faucets and fridges.

    New fridges have shut off solenoids that prevent uncontrolled flow to ice makers to prevent flooding. They are normally set for about 7 seconds. If the flow and pressure suffer to the point that trays don't fill, then they are left partially filled or ice cubes become hollow or some other shortcoming.

    Your RO is a bladder-style tank which means delivery pressure varies depending on the air pressure in the tank and/or the %age of water volume left in the tank. Increasing air pressure reduces total water volume and refill speed. Increasing the size of your tank, say from a 3- to a 10-gallon tank can offered you lower air pressure and greater volume.

    You can also add a delivery pump ($230+) which will greatly increase delievery rate.

    Remove the fridge filter as it will be reduntant and increase flow/pressure loss.

    Andy Christensen, CWS-II


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