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Thread: RO membrane replacement?

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    Default RO membrane replacement?

    I have an RO system installed in 2005 by a local company that is no longer in existence. I have replaced the two filter cartridges several times, using the following:
    Sediment pre-filter with Pentek C1
    Carbon pre-filter with Matrikx CTO/2// 32-250-125-975.

    The first couple of times I changed them, the system was working fine, and there was nothing visibly different on the old filters. In May of this year I changed them (the system was slowing down considerably), and both cartridge holders had substantial amount of brown gunk in them, probably 4 to 6 ounces. Once I changed them the system flowed well. Now, two months later, the system is very slow again, and I changed them yesterday (some brown gunk, but now as much) and the system is still very slow.

    I think it I need to replace the RO membrane and post filter, but am not sure what to buy since there is no brand name and the company closed down. Can I send a digital photo and get some advice?


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    There may be a replacement that fits your old system, but there are a number of new reverse osmosis systems available that would be strong alternatives. If you are interested in looking at a new system or trying to find a replacement part for your current system, feel free to contact us and we can figure out your options.
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