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Thread: Red Sea Desalination

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    Ahmed Adly is offline Junior Member
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    Default Red Sea Desalination


    I live in Egypt on the Red Sea coast where water is rare.
    I am trying to get a project together to supply a camp where I work with desalinated water.
    The project is to get around 15 tons of water a day that will be balanced and safe for drinking.

    Previous experiance I have from desalinated water always gave us brown rusty watey from steel pipes because the water was "aggresive".
    Recently, I have been told that you can add what is called a calcite filter but don't know if I could realistically use it for that much water and what quality I would end up with.

    What do you think?

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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    Adding a Calcite solution after a membrane system to handle "aggressive" water is one possible solution depending on the pH of the product water.

    Calcite begins to become useless as pH raise much above pH 7.3. It doesn't dissolve because the acidity of the water is gone. Large Calcite tanks can be available to handle almost any flow rate and volume.

    Is moving the water through new plumbing out of the question. If not, then use a plastic piping.

    Andy Christensen


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