At my cabin we don't have running water. We have a hand pump well. So I'm trying to figure out how I could use the portable Ro Filter at the cabin. I'm wondering if its possible to hand pump water into a reservoir and then hook up a small submersible water pump up to an RO unit? Any idea what pump would work for this?

I have an RO unit from

There are plenty of submersible pumps for sale online that put out around 60 psi, but what I'm wondering is on my RO unit it says max flow .75 gpm.

So does that mean I'm looking for a pump around 60-75 psi that has a max flow of only .75 gpm? Or does it mean that the RO Unit will restrict the flow to .75 gpm? and I just need to worry about the psi rating of the pump?

Any ideas about an inexpensive pump that will do what I need would be greatly appreciated!